Mission "Our mission is to grow by exceeding our customer's, associate's, and shareholder's expectations through world class service and effectiveness. We will deliver value to our customer's with solutions that will enhance their quality and profitability." Services Sorting Using trained associates we will review customer product in accordance with documented criteria agreed upon by the manufacturer and their customer to determine whether it is acceptable for OEM use. Our commitment is to protect the customer and provide essential information for successful analysis and reporting. We respond to calls within 1 hour from the service call. Inspection THE P.P.M. GROUP will check, measure or test, using proper methods, to determine whether customer material conforms to manufacturing specifications. We are available 24 hours/7 days a week for sorting/inspection services. Rework We can save your company money by reworking and returning usable products to the assembly process. Utilizing customer approved procedures, THE P.P.M. GROUP is prepared to rework any non-conforming issue by altering the physical characteristics of a product so that it falls within acceptable parameters for OEM use. Level 1 & 2 Containment Assistance Our trained representatives will help you build an effective process control plan, when you, or one of your suppliers have been placed on containment. We may also be able to assist by performing containment activity at our facility. The Parts Per Million Group The P.P.M. Group  -  “Your Quality Assurance Solution”
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